Hooray for Fall (fashion)!

Between the part of my job that deals with the "colors" of each season for home and fashion, and my bi-monthly trips to NYC, I have become very interested in what's "in" in fashion and how it changes with the seasons.  After hearing and seeing many of the plans for Fall and Winter I thought I would pass it along what I have learned about Fall/Winter 2010 as well as a few pieces I've been eying.

Trends that are in for Fall/Winter 2010 
1. Grey is the new black! Shoes and purses in gray are the staple "goes with everything" accessory.
     Chloe belted ballet flats                                                                       
2. Animal Print.  Done sparingly can make a statement.  Cardigans, shoes and belts for these!
 Ann Taylor Leopard print V-neck

3. Military style.  Jackets with bullet button styles, in greens and khaki's can add style to basic pieces.  Also, camouflage cargo pants are back!
4. Belts.  These are everywhere this coming season.  Use them over cardigans, button-downs and even on a dress to switch up your outfits.
5. Lower Heels.  That's right, it's a cycle and the lower high heel is coming back. 

And last but certainly not least we have Jewelry!
Jewelry appears to be the key to fashion this fall. 
Bold pieces that make a statement are at the top of the list.  Large rings, stacked bangles and the biggest piece this fall the bib necklace!

Strong Motifs from nature are also very popular the season - though more for the braver fashionista!

And we have fringe, think metal fringe.

There you have it, my high points of F/W 2010 fashion. I don't mention everything that is "in" this fall, that would take all day.  These are just the high points and what I've heard about or seen repeatedly.
Now...let's go shopping!


Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

Love this! I cannot wait to go shopping for Fall!! Great picks!!

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