This week

So, this week there won't be any new recipes to report on or projects completed, that's because it's race week for the Reeds.  Yes, the second best week of triathlon training - the week before a race (the best week is the week after a race, when you are on the high of your accomplishment and feel entitled to veg out!). 
This week we will be busy hydrating, carb loading, tapering our workouts and packing for the trek to Florida. 
Packing for a triathlon is a little like packing a family of four for a week long vacation - you feel like you bring everything except the kitchen sink.

Here is our packing list:
1. tri outfits
2. goggles
3. transition towels
4. cycling shoes
5. helmets
6. bikes
7. water bottles and straps
8. bike repair kits
9. tire pump
10. running shoes
11. socks
12. visor
13. sunglasses
14. GU
15. ice bucket
16. rags/sponges
17. ibuprofen
18. flip flops
19. tape
20. number belts
21. recovery drink powder
22. cameras
23. bandaids
24. bike lock
25. watches
26. ipods

Now take almost everything on that list and double it - since there are two of us, and you get an idea of what I will be doing between now and Friday (since Alan is traveling all week). 
While we've done this 3 times before and I have a pretty good idea what we will need and what to expect, this time will be a little different.  This is our first "try" at an Olmypic Triathlon a whole different monster than the sprints we have been doing. Plus it is in Florida the last weekend of August - are we asking for heat stroke or what??
I'm extremely nervous and not really sure I am ready to get off the porch and play with the big dogs but I am going to give it a try. Alan on the other hand will probably win the thing!  I'm sure it will be a learning experience and we will have a great time, can't wait to write all about it.  However, if I don't survive, I'll ask Alan to report on how he did!

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