Last weekend Alan and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary. As always we had planned to celebrate the day by going away. This year Alan decided he was going to do the planning for the trip and surprise me. Well surprise me he did! I was told to leave work early and meet him at home (he flew back that morning from a business trip). Once home I was given a list of additional things I needed to pack and unpack, since we would be flying and he told me my calendar had been cleared by my boss and colleague. We made our way to the airport and to our terminal. Every gate we passed he would pretend that it was our gate and then he would slowly creep back out into the terminal and keep walking. Finally we got to a gate where the destination read: Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport, of course I had no idea where this was and didn't know if I should even believe him, until I saw my name on the upgrade list. I was shocked. I thought we were going to Savannah, so San Juan Puerto Rico was a little different!
We stayed at the Hilton Caribe Resort in Old San Juan and had an amazing time.
We managed to fit in lots of relaxing, sunning and shopping while we were there. We also spent a day on an adventure trek in the rain forest.
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Puerto Rico

He did a great job planning the trip and surprising me, it was all perfect!

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Looks like fun!