Gone but not forgotten

So, it's February and we have only made one true post so far this year. We haven't left the blogging world, we've just been so busy doing things we haven't had time to blog about what we we're doing!
Alan has spent 2010 traveling. The start of a new year has meant new projects, which is a good sign in terms of the economy recovering but means that Alan never gets to be at home.
I am loving my new job and thriving on how much there is do to and how busy it keeps me. It's great to finally have a job that I am passionate about.
When we haven't been traveling or working we have been training for the upcoming race season. So far we are registered for the ING marathon, The Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston and a triathlon in late May. The rest of the season should hold quite a few more as well.
Around the house we have finished the bathroom remodel. As soon as the last few accessories arrive we will be posting reveal pics! We will be starting on the dressing vanity remodel in the next few weeks. We can't stand not having some kind of project!
I think that's about it. There really isn't time for much more!

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