Strong legs #2

This past weekend I ran the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Strong Legs 10k. It was the first race we ever ran and seeing as how it has been a year since then I decided it would be a good chance to see if my running has improved in the past year. I also think Children's is a wonderful organization and love to run in support of a good cause. Since Alan is working on getting over a knee injury I coerced a girlfriend of mine into running it with me. This wasn't just any friend but one who runs full marathons and has completed 2 Olympic distance triathlons. Alan was our cheering section, riding his bike around town and meeting us at certain points to take pictures and cheer us on. It was colder than we expected and being the same course as last year the hills were intense but we made it through. While I know Jen held back with me and came in far behind her PR, I appreciated the company and the motivation. I even finished with a PR and a time 2 minutes faster than last year.
It was a great race and I look forward to supporting Strong Legs for years to come.

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