13.1 Atlanta

This past weekend Alan and I participated in our 2nd half marathon. The Atlanta 13.1 Marathon made a stop in Atlanta and introduced a new way to race, 13.1 style! The Inaugural 13.1 Atlanta™ is the 4th race in a series of half marathons serving some of America's top running communities with a stand-alone half marathon.

MARATHON THIRTEEN.ONE™ races, have been created in response to the growing demand for half marathons and support for the distance as a race for people looking for a lifetime accomplishment. While 13.1™ miles have quickly become the distance of choice for thousands of people around the world, the 13.1 Marathon™ celebrates the distance as a race of it's own , not half of anything!

We had a great time running this event, the weather was perfect and the course was enjoyable, despite the hills! It was the first race we didn't run side by side so it was a test of willpower, not having someone to motivate you along. It also meant we had different time goals and finished separately. Our last half marathon time was 2:32 and this time I finished in 2:19 and Alan blew it out at 1:49!

We've spent the past couple days recovering and resting but soon we will be back into the running routine. Our next race is the beginning of December, in Charlotte! We are looking forward to running a different location with lots of familiar faces there to cheer us on!

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