Where it all began

Saturday we offcially we started the renovation of our bathroom. My dad came to town and over the 3 day weekend we managed to take the entire bathroom down to the studs.
While it fun to get in a tear things out at first, we all ended up with multiple sources of dripping blood and Alan took the grand prize by slicing his fingertip off (yes it's now reattached). By the end of the day Monday we were all sweaty, dirty, exhausted and sore but we got it done! Thanks to Dad for all his help!

The before pictures:

Demolition begins:

The mirror came out in one piece, no bad luck here!

Vanity and sink, gone!

This is how dad takes out tile, a wall at a time.

Safety first!

Someone sliced their hand open and didn't want it on record!

Everything's out!

Bathtub is in and framed!

Since these pics all the dryall has gone up, the corner bead is done and about half of the mudding and sanding is done. It's a long process but it's coming along!

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