A weekend to remember

This past weekend was the "Green Concert" in Atlanta. The 20 acre "meadow" area of Piedmont Park was roped off and a 78 foot tall stage was erected at 10th st. The event was started in 2007 with Dave Matthews playing a show that raised more than $1 million for the Piedmont Park Conservation efforts, but due to a drought that put the parks green areas in danger the event had not been recreated until this past weekend. The park and the streets around it were closed off as it took 5 days and 32 trucks to deliver and set up everything it takes to host...a beattle! Paul McCartney was this years performer and he did not disappoint!

Not being Beattle's fans we weren't really interested in the show when we received the "friends of the park" ticket presales information. However seeing as the show was about 10 blocks from our place and Midtown was a buzz with the set up, we decided it would be worth making the short walk to see a legend. Friday before dinner we decided to take a walk down to the park and see how our neighborhood park had become a major concert arena. As we get closer we can hear music and realize the band is doing a sound check. We entered the park and make our way around to the front of the stage, take a look and in disbelief look at each other saying "it's him". That's right, plain as day, Paul McCartney was out on stage doing his own sound check in the middle of the park. We stood around and watched for a while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere, his joking demeanor with the maybe 500 people who also happened upon the event and watched him practice and do various arrangements of his songs. Not really knowing any of the songs he played didn't make a difference, it was an amazing experience to watch such a legend hang out and practice.

Saturday we met up with friends, grabbed a quick dinner and headed over to the Park to watch Paul perform. While it was much more of a show than Friday night, complete with on stage fire, fireworks and just the entertainment provided by props and the band, we both agreed that we were glad we had been there to see Friday night's improptu show.

Now, we still don't know all of this music (I only even recognized two of his songs, depsite the fact he played for 2 hours!) but it definitely felt like a special memory to see someone who has been part of music history play in your "backyard". Definitely something we will always remember!

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