A day to celebrate being 3!

While we were on vacation last month we missed Maya and Devin's 3rd birthday party. To make it up to them we promised them that when we got back we would take them for a special birthday celebration, just the four of us. Well Saturday was the day we made good on that promise. The day started with the ever exciting ride on the MARTA. The twins were a bit surprised by the noise and breeze the train made when it came in to the station but once they were on and realized they were safe they were excited and enjoyed the ride. We headed to the Children's Museum of Atlanta and spent 3 hours making our way from station to station where we played ever kind of make believe you can imagine. From driving a tractor to tap dancing to painting on the wall, we did it all. Devin and I even got to hold a parrot, her name was Keely and Devin couldn't get enough of her.
Despite the fits that were thrown we finally left the museum and headed over to Centennial park where the Olympic fountain was in full summer form. It took a few minutes but Devin made his way in and loved running in and out of the jets of water coming out of the ground. Maya wasn't to sure about the fountains and chose to watch from the side, enjoying the frequent splashes by everyone running past her. Eventually everyone needed a potty break and we made our way to Phillips Arena for lunch. Then it was time to catch the train and head back to Marietta.
Everyone had a great time and the day was definitely a success. The big question when we returned them to Andy and Stephanie was "would you do it again". Our answer "next year!".

Pics from our adventure
CMA 2009

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