Catching up

It's been weeks since our last post and that's simply because we've been too busy to post what we've been busy doing.
School is still keeping me busy and Alan is busy traveling; but between it all we are still training for the triathlon we plan to do next month.
We spent Memorial Day in Morehead City with Alan's mom, dad, grandad, aunts, uncles, cousin and extended family. It was a great relaxing weekend with a successful fishing trip that yielded 3 Mahi, each over 3 ft. long!

One of our catch!

Alan wanted to enjoy it "really" fresh!

This week we are headed to Mexico to join our friends in a week long celebration of Doug and Leslie's wedding.
Around the loft there are still projects going on. We are accepting bids from plumbers for our bathroom remodel, which is proving to be easier said than done!
So far we are having a great summer and hope you are doing the same!

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