A Father's Love

I am my father's first born and many would think that little can compare to the love a Father has for his first born, especially when it is a girl, and then there is nothing he could love or treasure more than that child. Well, as an adult I have come to realize there is one exception to that rule, I have come to grips with the fact that my father's REAL true love is his prized Corvette.

My father has been in love with the Chevrolet Corvette since he was a little boy and he finally got the fulfillment of owning one when he purchased his shiny red one a few years ago. According to him, the only real Corvettes are the red ones, and his has all the bells and whistles to make it shine and stand out.

Recently a friend of his photographed his car as part of a red,white and blue photo montage. This picture is my favorite from the series

*To see the whole montage visit cstreet.us

It really is a beautiful car and I love to ride in it when I get the chance, even though it goes so fast it makes me sick to my stomach!

And don't worry, I don't feel any bitterness or abondonment due to his love for this car. That is as long as he is alright with a BMW being his first grandchild!

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Randy said...

There will never be anything to replace my love for my first born daughter......even a red Corvette.

And a BMW as a first grandchild.....no probem with that either. Maybe someday it will grow up to be a Corvette too.

Love you,