After traveling to Bordeaux, Nice, Normandy, Paris and Versailles we had a billion pictures to go through. We picked out the best ones and you can see them in albums here: http://picasaweb.google.com/vcreed.
It was a wonderful trip, with 100's of amazing sites, miles of walking and lots and lots of wine and bread! I enjoyed our time in Normandy where we rented a car and drove from Paris out into Normandy, through the Dday beaches and down to Mont St. Michele. It was wonderful to see the "real" parts of France and be away from tourists and the busyness of the cities. Alan's favorite city was Bordeaux. While Bordeaux doesn't offer as many sites to visit it was a gorgeous city with great food and wine! We both loved the fact that being that close to Italy and Spain meant that we got to enjoy some of the wonderful foods from those countries as well.
We had a wonderful time throughout the trip and are greatful it went so smoothly. Now it's time to settle back in to the real world and you know what that means...planning our next adventure!

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