Sometimes it does rain on the parade!

A lot goes on in ITP Atlanta during the fourth of July weekend.
We have the Peachtree Road Race, fireworks at Lenox and Centennial, the thousands of tourists that grace us for the weekend and yes, it is also Atlanta Pride weekend.
For those not familiar with Pride, it is a three day event at the Civic Center that aims to promote unity, visibility and self-esteem among lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender persons and to promote a positive image in the Atlanta area and throughout the Southeastern United States through community activities and services.
We didn't see much evidence of the event throughout the weekend, that was until today. The end of the weekend is marked by the Pride parade and yes it comes down Peachtree St., right past our front door. We got take-out from our favorite, The Vortex and found us a spot right outside our building's front door. About 10 minutes before the parade started, the sky opened up and we had the most powerful thunderstorm we have had so far this year. However they didn't let it affect the parade and boy did the show go on.

Many products and companies had floats in the parade, the Bud Light one was just especially festive!

Very proud to see one of our neighbors getting the crowd to cheer

As a female, this is definitely one of the benefits of the parade
(click on the pictures for a larger view)

While Pride is focused on the homosexual angle of diversity, the parade seemed to celebrate differences of many kinds and it was interesting to see the support that was demonstrated for them all.
We both agreed that after living in Key West, this parade wasn't anything we hadn't seen before.
However, it was a great celebration of differences and a day where everyone in town was comfortable being themselves no matter how different from the "norm" they were.

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