Race Day!

This morning we woke up to the sound of helicopters over our building and it didn't take us long to realize that meant the Peachtree Road Race was about to begin.
We got up, got dressed, made a pot of coffee and walked a block down 5th to Juniper St. to watch the race.
The AJC Peachtree Road Race has remained the world's largest 10K since the late 1970s. On July 4, 1970 in Atlanta, a group of just over 100 runners made history, just by running down the street. What began that day as a simple fun run has grown over the past forty years into one of the city’s signature events and favorite Fourth of July traditions. Each year on this date, 55,000 runners gather at Lenox Mall to run 6.2 miles south on Peachtree Street in the largest 10K road race in the world. Along the way, they are cheered by almost 150,000 spectators and aided by more than 3,000 dedicated volunteers.
For the elite runners, the race is a chance at prize money and one of the most prestigious titles on the international circuit. For the “weekend warriors” at the middle—or farther back—in the pack, it’s a day to have fun running with friends and family, maybe achieve a personal best time, and earn their own prize: the famed Peachtree T-shirt.
Over the years, Atlanta and its favorite race have grown and changed, but one thing stays the same: Atlanta loves to celebrate the 4th by having some guests over and “doing Peachtree.”
In 1970, it was a gathering of people from all parts of the City coming together to enjoy their sport and celebrate Independence Day. It still is.
It really is amazing to see all the runners, walkers and the hundreds of thousands who line the street to cheer them on! We can't wait to take part in it next year!

As people hit the photograph point in the race

As they start the last couple of blocks to the finish line

Some even came out dressed for the holiday!

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