The only difference between men and the price and size of their toys!

As many of you know Alan has been waiting for his new fixed gear bike to arrive.

Delays in shipping took it longer to get here than expected and of course it arrived right after he left for San Diego.

In the two days he has been home he has managed to get it put together and take it for a test drive. Even though the test drive was at 10 pm!

Since I don't know much about the bike here is a little information and a picture of the bike (his is bright green though):

Kilo TT

Fixed Gear 1spd
Custom Butted Chromoly Steel
Custom Butted Steel Track Fork
Fixed Gear Wheelset
Quill Alloy Stem

Guess I will know where to find him for a while!!


Andy said...

Mmmmmm... will he be riding it on Saturday?

Cal said...

Why a fixed gear? Is this the trend in bikes right now?