A whole 4 years!

Yesterday we celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary.
It is hard to believe that is has been a whole 4 years since our wedding but I guess time fly's when you're having fun!
We celebrated with dinner at Ecco, a restaurant on 8th street we have been wanting to try since we starting looking at places to buy in Midtown. It is a mix of Italian and Spanish style cuisine and everything was delicious!
Then we headed to Chocolate Pink, a bakery a couple blocks away. We saw a demonstration from the head chef at Chocolate Pink when we attended the Tour of Kitchens a few weeks ago, so we have been eager to try out his other pieces. It did not disappoint; but how can you combining chocolate mouse, heath and oreo's!
Tomorrow we are headed to Calloway Gardens and are looking forward to taking in the beautiful flowers, butterflies, bike trails and getting some much needed rest and relaxation!

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