It was a Little-Fisher weekend for the Reeds

Friday we found out that Leslea would be making a surprise stop in Atlanta for the weekend.
She got in Friday night and after meeting her and riding the train home from the airport we headed out into Midtown and had a great Japanese dinner.
Saturday was filled with sleeping late, going to breakfast, showing her around the real Atlanta, a little bit of painting and then sitting by the pool with a beer.
We wanted her to meet Andy, Steph, Maya and Devin while she was here, so they graciously invited us over Saturday night to hang out with them. After a little confusion on Maya's part as to which one was Valerie, everyone played, chatted and got to know each other. Finally around 2:00 we tore ourselves away from the Guitar Hero, wine and great company and headed back to the loft. Everyone had so much together the night just flew by!
We were up early to get Leslea on the train Sunday morning and she was on her way back to LA.
It was a great time and we loved having her visit! Wish we could do it more often!
Sunday night we were back at the Little's to babysit while they enjoyed a night out and a Van Halen concert. After the long night before, everyone was draggin a little by Sunday night, but we always have fun with the twins.
Here are a couple pictures from the weekend:

Now Leslea also has her "piece" of our renovation!

The gang

Looks like we wore them out (actually they are just waiting for someone to "get them"!)

This is how Uncle Alan makes his lap big enough for two.

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Stephanie said...

You are crackin' me up! You are right, EVERYBODY loves when Uncle Alan sings Snugglebunny! I am literally laughing out loud typing this. :-)