It's been a busy weekend and it's only Saturday night!

Alan is in Raleigh this weekend for NCSU homecoming. He had to fly in and out of RDU this week to see a customer in VA, so it was convenient for him to stay over the weekend and enjoy a weekend with all of our friends. So, while he has been pulling the pack through to a win, eating at Sushi Blues and having an overall good time with our friends, I have been working hard! (I know, I am the best wife EVER! :-))
I stayed with Maya and Devin last night while Andy and Stephanie enjoyed a night out for their anniversary. After spending the night over there, I spent the morning hanging out with Steph and the twins and then I headed home and started working on the loft. I got the long wall on the entry side painted and tore down most of one side of the closet wall we are taking down next. SHHHHHH, don't tell Alan, he doesn't know yet!

Alan will be home tomorrow, who knows what else we will get into!
He doesn't have another trip planned as of now, so hopefully the next couple of weeks will mean getting more projects finished and more boxes unpacked!

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