That's right, we are on our way to being homeowners again!
We found out this morning that our offer was accepted, not even countered, so we are very excited. We hope to be closing the week after we get back from our trip, which will be mid September.
Below is a picture of the building the loft is in

The loft itself has concrete floors, an original brick wall, windows the length of the unit, 2 bedrooms and is located right on Peachtree St. in the trendy Midtown Mile area of ATL . We will have more pictures as soon as we can get in to take them. However after we get to work on it, it will look like a totally different place.
So, start making plans to visit ATL!!

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Andy said...

Cool!! Congrats. I found out that the best sushi joint near you is "Magic Fingers Sushi", or MF Sushi for short.

I don't know if you need to deposit quarters to get fed.